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This is ASHES…

Not a collection of individual songs but a complete album intended to be consumed uninterrupted from the first track through the last track. Preferably through a quality set of headphones or speakers.


While Heathen City has always maintained a headquarters of Austin, TX (where the recordings are made), this record was cultivated and molded by NE Texas…The shade of the pines, the smell of the burning brush, the layer of smoke and persistent emanation of days that are no more yet somehow haven’t been fully erased.


Much like this part of the country, this album holds no exact qualification for the future. It’s a question that begs upon itself only what time can give. In this day of frantic enterprise through exertion, we’d like to THANK YOU for lending your ears for 49 minutes so that the smoke may reach your nostrils and find its way to your heads and hearts.


05.24.19 -

Thanks to all who came out to spend an evening with us in Lindale! What a great crowd!

01.19.19 -