07.22.18 - 

Adair's Saloon - Dallas, TX

7.6.18 - 

Firehouse saloon - Houston, TX

06.27.18 -




It’s been suggested by a couple of well meaning folks that Heathen City should take a more active role in pushing for award nominations and radio air play. While we have no issues with these types of institutions, we simply find trophies and chart positioning to be inconsequential to how we operate. We will never ask our listeners to advocate on our behalf. If we make music that connects with humans on any type of larger scale, those things will take care of themselves. If we only ever resonate with a few, we still feel that the art form is worth it on principle. Peace and Love 🙏🏼

06.18.18 - 

One2One - Austin, TX

06.09.18 -

Central Station - Gladewater, TX