07.22.18 - 

Adair's Saloon - Dallas, TX

7.6.18 - 

Firehouse saloon - Houston, TX

06.27.18 -




It’s been suggested by a couple of well meaning folks that Heathen City should take a more active role in pushing for award nominations and radio air play. While we have no issues with these types of institutions, we simply find trophies and chart positioning to be inconsequential to how we operate. We will never ask our listeners to advocate on our behalf. If we make music that connects with humans on any type of larger scale, those things will take care of themselves. If we only ever resonate with a few, we still feel that the art form is worth it on principle. Peace and Love 🙏🏼

06.18.18 - 

One2One - Austin, TX

06.09.18 -

Central Station - Gladewater, TX

5.21.18 -

3.28.18 -

Heathen City announces THE HEATHEN SUMMER TOUR 

*Check the SHOWS page for details/ticket info

2.27.18 - 

Heathen City to appear on Season 3 episode of The ETX ROCKS Show

(click image for link)

2.20.18 -

HC continues work on their upcoming album

01.01.18 -

Happy New Year from Heathen City!

12.08.17 -

The ETX ROCKS Show is featuring the Official video for HOME on their channel !

Watch it here

8.26.17 -


"Heathen City, with two band members from Henderson, follows up last year’s album with a new single"


By Ashton Griffin (Henderson daily news)


Read more: Henderson daily news

07.25.17 -

Official Music video for Home!


07.15.17 -

 "Austin based Heathen City release new single ‘Home’ featuring Pat Lyons and Brandi Clarke..."


Band follows 2016’s No Seeds EP with more plush, foreboding sound 


Austin,TX (July 14, 2017) – Heathen City, following a year of garnering listeners with their debut EP 

Read more: The Gilmer Mirror - Austin based Heathen City release new single Home featuring Pat Lyons and Brandi Clarke...


Read more: The Gilmer Mirror

07.14.17 -

The wait is over!

Get the new single - home 

available now at iTunes/apple music, spotify, tidal, amazon, target and other stores

06.09.17 -

It's not a trap! lacie carpenter will be joining Heathen City in Henderson, tx on 6/17.

05.04.17 -

Despite it all, we're in this together. may the 4th be with you

05.03.17 -

Catch wes & evan w/special guests live at mojoe's in Henderson, tx on june 17th @ 8pm.

*space will be limited

10.08.16 -

8.27.16 -

No Bad Seeds Here 

By Ryleigh Salmon 
Aug 27, 2016 

When hitting play on “No Seeds,” the title track from Heathen City’s freshman EP, you hear clicking noises that could be someone pushing on a foot pedal, followed by the electric hum of an amplifier or a microphone and someone coughing. Then come the words “Now blue ain’t the word for the way that I feel about you now that I’m lonely without you,” being sung by a smooth, twangy baritone. In the background are guitars, a fiddle, drums and bass. In the second verse the piano makes an appearance. 

The band that includes Wes Arrington and Evan Dean of Henderson released its debut EP “No Seeds” in May...

read more: Henderson daily news

05.05.16 -

heathen city's debut ep no seeds  is available now at most online retailers!